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A popsicle is a piece of flavored ice or ice cream on a stick. We manufacture and sell popsicle machines both for small scale production and large scale. They can be used as a small cottage industry at home and can grow to large scale production. Our popsicle machine comes with free training on various ice cream formulae.

We make popsicle machines that can produce 40 popsicles every 30minutes, this is the smallest. One set of moulds contains 40 cups. The smallest popsicle machine carries one mould.

No of moulds No of popsicles Time Machine Model Machine Price Mould Price Total Price
1 mould 40pcs 30min Lamba40 50,000 14,000 64,000
2 moulds 80pcs 30min Lamba80 55,000 28,000 83,000
3 moulds 120pcs 30min Lamba120 65,000 42,000 107,000
4 moulds 160pcs 30min Lamba160 85,000 56,000 141,000
6 moulds 240pcs 40min Lamba240 100,000 84,000 184,000
8 moulds 320pcs 40min Lamba320 120,000 112,000 232,000
10 moulds 400pcs 40min Lamba400 140,000 140,000 280,000

Our popsicle machines are fast freezing, use air cooling condensers. Our popsicle machines are made of stainless steel 304, anti rust. We have various popsicle moulds for your choice with different capacities. Our Popsicle machines use salt as a secondary refrigerant. In cases of very high output glycogen is used instead of salt

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