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An ice cream mould is a hollow container used to give shape to cold liquid flavored solution for the purpose of being placed in a freezer / ice cream machine / lambalamba / ice lolly / Popsicle from which it will be removed when frozen. When the solution has frozen in the ice cream mould, the ice cream mould is placed in a warm water basin, allowing the popsicles to easily detach.

We have different shapes with different capacities. Our ice cream moulds are affordable containing 40pcs. We provide a wide range of ice cream moulds that are used for designing different types of ice cream and candies such as choc-bar, vanilla, strawberry and mango flavor. These ice cream moulds are manufactured by using high quality food grade stainless steel of 202, 304 and 316 grades.

Our ice cream moulds come with covers acting as sick holders. One set of ice cream moulds has 40 cups. You can make different flavors using the stainless steel ice cream moulds.

Our ice cream moulds are affordable, easy to use, easy to clean, free of rust, easy to maintain, strong, durable and freeze quickly and easily detach giving out a strong hard Popsicle. The smoothened edges make it safe and convenient for the user.

Our 75ml twisted ice cream mould is a top seller and is recommended for our new customers.

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