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An ice cube is a small block of artificial ice formed in a mould or cut from a larger block and commonly used for icing drinks. The ice cube is not easy to melt under the freezing point of -20℃

The ice cube making machine is made of stainless steel interior and exterior for durability and complete resistance towards corrosion. There are portable ice cube making machines. The ice cube maker produces 12kgs of ice per day. The ice cube maker makes beautiful bullet shaped ice cubes at a speed of 6-15 minutes. The ice cube maker is ideal for restaurants, bars, hotels, wines and spirits shops, e.t.c.

The ice cubes will form holes during the formation of the ice as a result of the falling film of water freezing inside the vertical tubes.

1. The ice cube machine is a strong design, space craving and easy to transport

2. It is strong and durable. All our machines adopt world famous brand components, strict process control, low failure rate and long service life

3. Plc automatic control system allows automatic adjustment of ice thickness, self adapt to ambient temperatures, automatic water supply, ice freezing and ice falling.

4. Environmental refrigerant; the machine adopts Freon-free R134A / $404A refrigerant which is a new healthy ice making mode.

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